Camino Downunder is the realisation of Marc Grossman’s passion for the Camino de Santiago and his commitment to communicate all facets and aspects of the Camino to an Australian and New Zealand audience.

Marc’s knowledge, skills and experiences concerning the Camino de Santiago were first honed as a specialised French and Spanish language teacher & educator to senior high school students and adults over the last thirty years.

Since 2007, Marc regularly holds formal Camino classes and workshops in Sydney and travels outside New South Wales to conduct Camino consultations to small groups. Participants at these workshops leave much enriched and enlightened and so much better prepared, with boundless enthusiasm and confidence for their own pilgrimage.

Camino de Santiago: 30 all-weather walking maps

Walking the Camino Francés from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela

Pages: 30 sheets (60 pages) + front & back cover (4 pages)
Binding: wire-o half inch diameter in white
Language: English with subheadings in French & Spanish
Paper: plastic (waterproof + CMYK UV-resistance synthetic ink)
ISBN: 978-0-646-52975-2
Copyright: 2010 Camino Downunder
Size: 130mm x 250mm x 5mm | Weight: 101 grams


As I write we are no longer the Little Company of Pilgrims but the Canadian Company of Pilgrims; we have 519 members, and we have issued 3000+ credentials. We have chapters in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and in the Maritimes.  These are run very ably by the coordinators  - Wendy Loly , Leigh Anderson, Judy Gayford, Krysia Jarmicka, Julia Sargeaunt, and Stan and Evelyn Amirault.  A new group is starting in Winnipeg, led by Ivor Lockhart, and Adelle Larmour-Delong has only recently stepped down after having run a very successful Ontario North, our first ever chapter for many years.  Without their efforts there would be no chapters and much less of a Company of Pilgrims.

The Little Company of Pilgrims was founded in 1994 by Reverend Ben Lochridge, a much-traveled Anglican priest who had had worked in Spain for 10 years and dreamed of the camino.  Back in Canada as Parish Priest of Saint Paul's in Mississauga, he heard a CBC Radio program called Ideas; they were discussing pilgrimage and Santiago took centre stage. The dream was rekindled.

Coincidentally the Anglican Church introduced Sabbatical Leave. He could have two months off with full pay. If he added that to his holidays he would have both the time and the money to follow his dream. He was set.

In April of 1994 Ben and his wife Vivian went to mass at Saint James Cathedral Church in Toronto. After they received the Pilgrim's blessing, they walked out the front door and went straight to the airport.  They started in Le Puy-en-Velay ; Ben arrived in Santiago in June.

At home again, The Toronto Star interviewed Ben and his phone started ringing off the hook. People were interested in this mythical, mystical journey. Ben started our group to provide information and to issue a Canadian credential. He and Mike Henry drafted our constitution. Attendance at meetings was a bit quixotic. A presentation of 350 slides drew no one, but Ben and Mike, always troupers, hiked to the nearest bar.


my walking life and purpose

Welcome to The John Merrill Foundation

On Saturday July 17th. 2010, John was Ordained as an Interfaith Minister. For more details about his work and ministry see

"I cannot be defined,

No label sticks to me,

No pigeon hole do I fit.

I am connected to everything,

I am part of the whole.

A part has no meaning on its own."

(John Merrill 17/9/2010)

"The miracle of life is not flying through the air, nor walking upon the water, but walking upon the earth." Chinese saying.

"Wakan Tanka smiles upon us because now we are as one; Earth, sky, all living things - The two-legged, four-legged, the winged ones, The trees, and the grasses." Lakota traditional.